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4 Reasons Why Your European Car Needs a European Car Service

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Reasons Why Your European Car Needs a European Car Service

If you have a European car in Australia, then you know that you have the option to either take it to any garage you can find or to seek specialised auto services from a European car service outlet. Although the service may cost you a tad more compared to a general auto service, giving your prestigious car a European service has great benefits as explained below. Your European car has unique needs European cars do not have the same repair and maintenance needs as Japanese or Australian vehicles. They need a more delicate approach when it comes to replacing components and carrying out maintenance. For example, some European cars require servicing more frequently as per their manufacturer’s instructions. The same is also vital to avoid wear of components such as suspension, tyres or lubricants which can be caused by rough driving in the country. European cars also require high quality parts that will prevent damage to the delicate mechanical and electrical systems of your car. Your car’s configuration is different Apart from having more demanding servicing needs, European cars are also configured differently. This is evident in terms of location and positioning of parts such as sensors, wiring, fuses and other integral systems of your vehicle. A non-European service center may therefore lack the requisite knowledge to handle your car’s problems because the mechanics don’t fully understand how to navigate its systems. A European car service guarantees quality  A European car service center is also better poised to offer high quality service every time. This is because specialisation breeds better skills and understanding of how to diagnose and deal with different auto solutions for your car. In addition to that, a European car service has the right tools to service your vehicle in regards to maintenance and repairs. This all contributes to a better functioning car once it leaves the garage. Speedy service delivery Thanks to a regular hands-on experience, a European car service is also better placed to offer you a quick turn around on your car’s repair and servicing. This simply boils down to experience. Mechanics in a specialized European car service center understand your car’s components, common problems and the manufacturer’s recommended mode of service better than anybody else. They will therefore be in a position to get right down to the problem and have your car ready without any delays or guesswork. A European car service centre offers the full range of vehicle service, from repairs to maintenance servicing, parts, customisation and even...

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How to Avoid Having to Deal With Car Window Repair

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Avoid Having to Deal With Car Window Repair

When you purchase a new car, one of the primary things you devote your time to is the vehicle’s maintenance. Making sure that the body is clean and dent-less, ensuring that the engine is running smoothly, and keeping the car’s windows in good condition are just some things that you will end up spending time on. When it comes to car window care, do you think you’re doing everything that you can? Here are some tips that you could use in order to avoid having to perform a car window repair: Keep your vehicle in a sheltered place In order to keep your car’s windshield and side windows in great condition, you shouldn’t keep your car outside. By keeping it unprotected on the outside, you run the risk of things falling down and damaging not only your windshield, but the car’s body as well. While it’s not possible for most people to keep their car in an enclosed place, you could check the weather reports and try to move your car under a tree or anywhere with a minimal amount of protection when there are storm reports. You shouldn’t only protect your vehicle from falling twigs or branches, but from the sun as well. This is a more achievable task, even if you don’t have a garage available. Simply park your vehicle adjacent to or under trees in order to provide a shade from the heat of the sun. Too much sun exposure can also cause damage to your windshield as well as a discolouring of the car’s paintjob. Check the windshield wipers every now and then Windshield wipers are one of the things that can cause severe scratches on your windshield. Sure, they are helpful in removing water and debris from your windshield when driving, but the dust can also accumulate under them. As a result, whenever you turn them on, the dust will continue scratching the windshield until removed. If they become dry and have also hardened as a result of overexposure to heat, they can cause more harm than good. Keep a safe distance from car ahead This is common knowledge, but you might be surprised at the other reasons for this. Sure, you should keep safe distances from the car ahead in order be able to break effectively and in time, but did you know that your car’s windshield can be damaged if you drive too close to another car? This happens because when you tailgate someone, it is likely that the debris on the road will attach itself to the wheels of the car ahead and will be sent flying into your windshield because of the amount of spin the wheels receive. To learn more, contact a company like Precision Windscreens & Autoglass with any questions you...

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Adding Accessories To A Newly Bought Caravan

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Adding Accessories To A Newly Bought Caravan

Buying your first caravan is an exciting time. With a caravan, you have the freedom during your vacation to set your own schedule and explore as you please. However, before you start planning your vacations, you should spend a little time considering which accessories you need for your new vehicle. These accessories can help make the vacation go smoothly; in many cases, you would not even think of needing it until you are out on the road. Here, then, are some key accessories to invest in to complement your new caravan: Caravan Chocks Chocks are the wedges that you place under the wheel to prevent the caravan from rolling. While on vacation, you may notice a beautiful piece of land you would like to stop on, but if it is uneven and you don’t have chocks, it would be risky to stay there. Caravan chocks can be used any time you stop on uneven terrain, offer peace of mind and are an essential accessory to have. Wheel Clamps Many people either forget or don’t bother with wheel clamps. However, if you are security minded, they are an important addition to have. Some insurance companies offer a discount for caravans secured with certain brands of wheel clamps, meaning that you can beef up the security of your caravan and save money at the same time. Caravan Steps It is surprising how easy it is to forget to pick up a set of caravan steps and then spend the rest of your vacation stepping on boxes or other makeshift steps when getting in and out of the caravan. It can also be easy to have a trip or fall on makeshift steps, especially if you have been out celebrating and drinking. A solid a robust set of caravan steps will avoid potential injuries and is an essential accessory to have before setting off on your first vacation. Multi Socket Kit And Extension Cable To enable you to get electricity from any sites that you stop in, you should invest in a multi socket mains adaptor. This means that whatever the connection at the site is, you will have an adaptor and socket suitable to allow you to draw electricity from their supply. It is also a clever idea to have a few meters of extension cable, should you find that your caravan is short of their electricity supply unit. As you take more and more vacations in your new caravan, experience will allow you to add certain accessories to your caravan to make your trips more enjoyable. Contact a caravan sales professional for more information and...

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Hire Your Car Early Before Travelling To Save Money And Avoid Last-Minute Hassles

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Hire Your Car Early Before Travelling To Save Money And Avoid Last-Minute Hassles

If you’re travelling, either within Australia or from outside (overseas), it’s important to finalise all your travel plans beforehand. One of the things you need to plan on is how you’ll get out and about upon arrival. Hiring a car lets you enjoy maximum convenience and control over your travel. However, don’t just wait until you arrive before hassling for a car. Book your car before you travel and enjoy a stress-free process. Here’s why: Avoid missing out the car you want You may already have a plan on where to hire your car from. However, that doesn’t’ guarantee you’ll get the car upon arrival. Remember, cars for hire are subject to availability. If the hire company gets many bookings, you might not get the car you want. This might mean starting your car hunt from square one. Worse, if you cannot get the type of car you want, you may be forced to hire a more expensive one. The only way to ensure you lock in your intended hire is to make a booking. This way you’ll avoid last-minute panic and inconvenience. You’ll also get the car that’s perfect for your intended passengers and luggage. Get your car hire logistics handled for you When you hire a car before travelling, the car hire company already knows what you need, when you need it and where you want it. This makes it very easy to facilitate a smooth transport service from the moment you land. If the hire company does not have a stand at the airport, they can organise to have the car delivered there. Other companies will even organise a pick-up from the airport to their nearby outlet where you’ll be issued with a car. The reverse is also arranged when departing. Get a chance to compare and pick competitive rates In regards to cost, hiring a car beforehand makes a lot of financial sense. You have the time and resources to compare different providers. You are not rushed and you have all the options at the table. If you wait until your arrival, you might not have the time or energy to go around looking for the best deal. Moreover, you can only access so many options in person. You therefore stand a better chance when you book your hire early. Planning to travel? Book your car hire early and tick it off your pre-travel to-do items. Then you can concentrate on more important things, like where you plan to go and what you intend to do. For more information, contact a business such as Meteor Car & Truck...

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How to Negotiate for Better Interstate Freight Rates

Posted by on May 22, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Negotiate for Better Interstate Freight Rates

Whether you are moving to a new location or you are shipping customers’ orders, chances are very high that you will need to find ways to reduce freights costs otherwise it may be very expensive to move your items. This article provides some information that you can use to negotiate for lower interstate freight rates when that time comes. Ask for a Single Rate for All Items Many interstate freight companies calculate their rates basing on the density and volume of the products being shipped. For instance, Styrofoam may be charged a higher rate because it consumes a lot of space and yet it is not heavy. This is in contrast to stainless steel machinery, which is heavy but does not consume plenty of space. If you are charged differently for each item then your total bill may be very high. It is therefore better to negotiate for a single rate across all kinds of cargo. You will be able to make some savings in this way. Ask for Deficit Weight Consideration Many freight companies have differing rates according to the total weight of a shipment. For instance, the rate per pound of cargo that is less than 50 pounds in total may be much higher than the rate for cargo that is between 150 to 200 pounds in total weight. You can ask to be charged at the rate of the next weight category if your shipment is close to the lower limit of the next weight category. For instance, ask to be given the rate for shipments in the 150 to 200 pound range if your consignment is 145 pounds. This negotiating tactic will result in some savings for you. Request the Freight Company for a Single Accessorial Service Rate There are additional costs that you are likely to incur during the interstate transport of your cargo. For instance, the company may levy a surcharge for using their vehicle’s liftgate to offload your consignment and they may add another surcharge for delivering the items to your home instead of dropping them off at a collection point. Those additional costs can add up if you do not negotiate to have them reduced or waived. The best way to keep these charges minimal is to bunch them all up and ask for a discount on those that cannot be waived. Interstate freight transportation is generally more costly than intrastate freight transportation due to the longer distance and unavoidable charges like tolls. It is therefore very important that you bring all your negotiating skills to the fore by using the information above when talking to a representative of companies like Aussiefast Transport...

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What to Check if a Cold Vehicle Engine Won’t Start

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People who live in cold areas will find that their vehicle may be hard to start first thing in the morning. As the vehicle has spent a long time being idle, the cold can affect some parts of the engine; this can make the vehicle hard to start. This article looks at the three things that can contribute to this, and suggests how to avoid it happening in the first place. Cold Affects the Oil Vehicle engine oil changes its viscosity (or thickness) in line with the environmental temperature. In very hot conditions, the oil will become thinner and more free-flowing. However, in cold conditions, the oil will become thicker and more difficult to move. This can mean that when you try to fire the vehicle up, the oil is unable to circulate around the engine. This can make it difficult for the engine to catch. You can avoid this altogether by purchasing and using synthetic oils; these are thinner and will still operate properly in cold conditions. Cold Affects the Gas Another thing that can be affected by the cold is the fuel. While in the tank, and exposed to cold weather, the cold has an effect on the evaporation properties of the fuel. Liquids evaporate less in cold weather, yet the fuel has to be evaporated in the process of running the engine. This difference of evaporation rate by the fuel can sometimes be enough to prevent the vehicle from starting. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. Purchase a can of ether from a garage and spray it into the vehicle engine. The ether will evaporate almost instantly, helping the engine to fire up. Cold Affects the Battery The last part of the vehicle that can be affected by the cold is the battery. Vehicle batteries rely on their energy from chemical reactions taking place inside the battery. When it is cold, it can slow down, or retard, the process of this chemical reaction. This can mean that the battery is not providing enough energy to the engine to get it started. To avoid this, there is not much you can do other than to keep the vehicle in a covered or protected area. If you are not able to do this, you could cover the vehicle with tarpaulin to create a barrier between the cold and the battery. Taking the above action should increase the chances of getting your vehicle started quickly in the morning if the weather has been cold overnight. Consult companies like Western Suburbs Automatics for more...

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Why You Should Invest In A Reversing Camera For Your Truck

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Recent new laws in the United States mandating the introduction of reversing cameras mean that the door is now open for such legislation to arrive on these shores. Whether or not Australian legislators decide to make backup cameras a prerequisite of truck ownership or not, it makes a lot of sense for you to add one to your vehicle now. What are they, how can they help and what’s on the horizon in terms of technology? Why You Need This Technology It’s unfortunate, but most people will walk straight to their truck, jump in and reverse out of the driveway. People sometimes don’t look behind the vehicle to see if there’s any obstruction, human or otherwise. This can lead to some tragic accidents, but backup cameras have been developed in order to mitigate. You may feel as if you are conscientious, but should nevertheless take note of a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety very recently. 56% of drivers whose vehicles were equipped with backup cameras avoided running over an object that had been placed behind the vehicle without their knowledge. In contrast, 100% of those without backup cameras reversed right over it. What’s Available At one time, these reversing cameras could only be found as original equipment on new trucks, with a correspondingly high price tag. These days, however, you can buy them as an accessory for your vehicle, and they can be fitted rather easily. Many systems available today can be purchased for less than $300 and include the camera, transmitter and display. Once mounted to the rear bumper, images are transmitted through a Bluetooth connection showing an area up to 20 m behind the vehicle. The images are displayed on the dashboard monitor. Some systems are becoming quite sophisticated, with an automatic cleaning system for the rearview camera that actually washes and dries the lens in poor weather conditions. Innovations on the Horizon Some other models are being developed to provide a monitoring system that shows you what is on either side of the vehicle as well as to the rear. In this case, additional cameras are mounted on the side mirrors. This could certainly be beneficial if you’re travelling alone and not aware of an obstruction on the passenger side of the truck. A Smart Move When you’re in the market for new accessories for your truck, it makes sense to invest in safety first and foremost. A reversing camera system is certainly a smart idea. For more information on reversing cameras and mitsubishi truck parts, contact a local...

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Top Must-Have Features For Your Car Air Conditioning System

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Are you looking for ways to improve your car’s air conditioning system, but you are unsure of how to do so? In the last decade there have been a variety of technological advancements in car air conditioning technology that you can take advantage of. Some of these features can help reduce the cost of using the air conditioning or simply improve the convenience of doing so. To find out the upgrade options available, check out the following list: Solar Powered Air Conditioning Systems – Your car will be exposed to the elements constantly, and if you live in a region that receives a lot of sunshine all year round then you can take advantage of that by having solar panels installed on the roof of your car. These would capture the energy of the sunlight and convert into an energy form that can be used by the air conditioning system of your car. The panels can also be used to power all electronics in the car, such as the music system or any TV units. That would greatly reduce the energy cost of using your onboard electronics and the air conditioning system. Smart Key Fob – Do you like the sound of being able to have cool air in your car on a very hot day as soon as you get in? Then you could invest in a smart key fob that has access to your air conditioning system. You would simply activate the car air con system for some minutes before you get into your car from a distance. That will prevent you from having to wait until the car has a suitable temperature for you to drive comfortably. Air Filters – Having a car air conditioning system that has air filters will allow you to enjoy clean air within your car. For example, if you suffer from pollen allergies, then you would be able to drive through the countryside in the spring without having to come into contact with pollen. This will be true as long as you don’t scroll your windows down, or open a ceiling hatch. Many Blowing Holes – A typical car air conditioning system will only have a few holes through which cold air blows. It can take some time before this air is circulated throughout your car. This can leave the front passengers enjoying the cool air while the ones at the back are waiting for it to reach them. To avoid this, choose an air conditioning system that provides blowing holes throughout the car. For more information, contact a business such as Warners Bay...

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Facts about Small Car Safety Many Drivers Don’t Know

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Before buying any model of car, it’s good to know about its safety features. Many drivers assume that larger cars are safer cars simply because of their size, but smaller cars and even compact cars can be just as safe as midsize sedans and even SUVs. This is because of their design and the many safety features that are added to them. If you’re in the market for a new car and appreciate the good gas mileage of smaller cars but are concerned for your safety when behind the wheel, check out some facts about small car safety that many drivers don’t know. 1. Crumple Zones Keep You Safe in an Accident One reason drivers feel safe in a large car is that there is more room for the impact of an accident to be dispersed before it reaches the cab of a car. However, most small cars are built with what are called crumple zones in the quarter panels. This refers to a special design and curve of those panels that helps to absorb impact during a collision, and which will allow those panels to crumple more readily. When the panels crumple, they take the impact with them rather than allowing it to travel to the cab of the car. This keeps the driver and passengers safe, as if they were in a larger sedan or SUV. 2. Steel Frames Protect the Driver and Passenger It’s easy to think that the sheer size of a larger car will protect you during a collision, but underneath the crumple zones of many smaller cars is a steel frame or undercarriage. This material is very strong and will stop any oncoming car or other object hit during a collision. Along with the crumple zones, this too offers more safety for the driver and the passengers. Don’t assume that a smaller car is necessarily a lightweight car, as many offer this steel frame as part of their design. 3. Other Added Safety Features Keep You as Safe as When in a Larger Car Many standard safety features found in small cars today keep you as safe as when you’re in a larger car, such as side curtain airbags and advanced stability control for the steering. Smaller cars can even be safer than larger cars and an SUV during a side collision, as they may be less likely to roll over. When looking for a new car (at dealerships like Adrian Brien-Ford), remember these safety features and don’t assume a larger car is necessarily the only safe...

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4 Signs of a Quality Crash Repair Professionals

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When you need crash repair, you want to make sure that you are getting the best not only for you, but also your car. This can be difficult when you are in the midst of dealing with the crash reports, insurance, and related issues. There are a few signs that can giveaway if a crash repair shop is going to meet your needs and do it professional. Towing Service A towing service is a sure sign that your stress will likely decrease, at least slightly, during this chaotic time. A company with their own towing service means that you will be dealing with the same company from the start to finish of the repairs. You will also likely have one bill instead bills for the towing service, bills for the repair, and any other issues that may need to be handled. Shuttle Service Some repairs can take days, and though you may be able to find transportation for that time, getting back home may be tricky. A quality crash repair company will offer some form of shuttle service to get you home while your repairs are being made. Some will even offer a drop off and pick up service that will provide transportation to and from the shop. This service is generally free and can make the transition to getting home from the crash and the shop much easier. Paint and Refinishing Some crash repair shops will only offer repair and will refer out the work for paint and refinishing work. A quality crash repair company will offer you all of this on location. This means you can have everything that needs to be done to your car handled quickly, easily, and through the same shop. If there are any issues or questions, you will be dealing with one contact person rather than several companies or shops. Loan Vehicles One of the most irritating aspects of a crash experience is trying to figure out how you will get back and forth to work, home, and other appointments while your car is being fixed. Facing the expense of a rental car may be too much to handle. A quality crash repair company or shop will offer a loan vehicle for the duration of your car repair. This may come with a small fee, but that fee is usually included in the price estimate for your repairs. These are just four signs to look for when you are trying to find a crash repair company to handle your needs. Remember to ask if these services are available and if other services are also included in your price estimate for repairs. Talk to resources like Walker Crash Repairs for more...

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