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Four Easy Tips to Keeping Your Fiberglass Boat in Good Shape

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Four Easy Tips to Keeping Your Fiberglass Boat in Good Shape

Many boat owners do not perform regular maintenance of their boats, especially for fiberglass boats. However, when you want a fiberglass boat to serve you for many years, a proper maintenance schedule is of utmost importance. A minor maintenance or repair issue can quickly escalate into a huge replacement problem that can set you back thousands of dollars. When you regularly maintain your fiberglass boat, it will cost you less money to do major repairs. This article highlights some straightforward and inexpensive tips to maintain your boat. Outboard Steering System — Without regular maintenance, a boat’s steering system can fail when least expected. The vessel’s hydraulic system will require minor yearly checks and repairs. You should dismantle the steering system, grease it and then reassemble it. The internal rubber seal on the vent caps can fail, leading to moisture infiltrating into the hydraulic system. The moisture can cause serious damages to the system, meaning that you will have to replace the entire system. Replace these caps after a few months of use. If you want to extend the life of the rubber seals and the ram, lightly clean the steering cylinder with soap, and rinse to eliminate any salt and dirt. Cleanse Your Boat — Cleaning a boat does not cost much, but most boat owners ignore this basic maintenance regimen. After saltwater boating, clean the boat with fresh water because the salt can corrode the surface and the hydraulic system. Do not use an abrasive washing detergent to wash the boat. Cleaning with warm water and the ordinary dish detergent is recommended. Sun exposure can make the fiberglass surface dull out. Therefore, you will need to apply protective waxes on the fiberglass on a regular basis. Repair and Replacement of Propeller — When in shallow waters, a propeller can hit a submerged object, such as a rock. In your yearly maintenance plan, do not ignore the propeller because it wears out just like any other mechanical part. This part can be refurbished to return to factory condition. Refurbishing reshapes deformed blades and sharpens damaged edges improving performance, increasing the propeller’s usable duration, and enhances fuel efficiency. An expert boat mechanic can be of great help when making the decision to either repair or replace a propeller. Service the Anchoring System —This component is vital because it can often break your day when in open water. When your boat has windlasses, the anchor rodes can wear out due to friction. The rodes often made of nylon can be weakened because of prolonged exposure to mildew, salt residue, sunlight, and other debris. Replace boat shackles when they are difficult to operate or seriously corroded. A simple maintenance procedure involves pulling the anchor line out of its compartment and cleaning it with soap and fresh...

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Some Terms to Learn When Shopping for Car Parts

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Some Terms to Learn When Shopping for Car Parts

If you’re shopping for car parts, whether new or used, you would do well to learn some basic terms and the differences between certain types of parts. This can ensure you know what to look for and don’t assume that certain parts are interchangeable when they are not. Note a few of those terms you may come across when your car needs repair and you’re looking at Subaru parts. Disc brakes, drum brakes Disc brakes are discs that sit outside the rotor of the wheel. They are squeezed by a caliper or clip that is connected by tubing and wires to the car’s brake pedal. When the calipers squeeze together, the disc brakes squeeze against the wheel rotor and stop the tire from spinning. Drum brakes are very different; these are installed inside the drum of the car tire. When you apply the brake pedal, they actually move outward to push against the inside of that drum and stop the tire from turning. Drum brakes are often found on the back tires while disc brakes are found on the front, or on both front and back. Don’t assume these parts are the same, as they may look very similar but attach to your car quite differently, so it’s vital that you get the right part for your new brakes. Charger This type of device forces air into the cylinders of your car; with a stronger gas to air ratio, the car may respond more quickly when you accelerate. Note that a turbocharger and supercharger are different; the supercharger uses a belt to force air into the cylinders whereas a turbocharger does not. When a charger needs replacing or repair, you need to know if your car has a supercharger or turbocharger and opt for the right part. Steel versus alloy wheels The rims of your tires are usually made of steel or of an alloy, meaning aluminum and potentially steel mixed with other metals. Steel wheels are often the standard wheel rims you may get with your car but alloy wheels are often lighter and better for smaller cars or those where you want more pickup; their lighter weight may allow for faster acceleration. Alloy wheels may also be stamped so that they look nicer, whereas steel wheels may be covered by a hubcap. When shopping for new tires and if you need new rims, you’ll need to know if your car has alloy or steel wheels or if you want to upgrade to alloy for less weight and more...

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Why You Should Get a Loan to Buy a New Car

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why You Should Get a Loan to Buy a New Car

You may want to own a new car, but you don’t have the money to buy it outright. There are various credit-based options available for you to own the vehicle: getting a loan to buy the car or leasing the car. The following are some of the reasons why you should opt to secure a loan, rather than leasing: Equity The monthly and down payments that you make eventually lead towards the ownership of your new car. When you decide to buy a car, you own it once you pay off the loan. However, until the loan is paid off, the lender or dealer owns the vehicle. As you continue making monthly loan payments, you are slowly gaining equity in the vehicle. Once you clear your loan fully, the vehicle is yours and you do not need to make the monthly payment anymore. In contrast, once a lease ends you have no car. Moreover, if you purchase a new car, you can always sell it before the loan is completely paid off. However, if you choose to end a lease early, you will have to pay a penalty, and all the money you spent on the lease will go to waste.  No Penalties When buying a new car, you can drive as far as you want to without any restrictions on the miles you cover. However, leases have their own unique set of terms, like mileage and wear and tear penalties. For a lease, if you drive over a certain number of miles per year, you will be charged for the extra miles you covered. You will be charged a per mile penalty at the end of the lease, which means you will pay more. At the end of the lease, if the vehicle is in not in a perfect condition, you will be charged for wear and tear penalties. You can avoid all these penalties by opting to buy a car. Less Credit Needed If you choose to buy a car, you can usually obtain a loan easily. This can help you build credit if you pay it off in time. However, for a lease, you will require a better credit score and potentially a co-signatory if you do not qualify on your own.  Therefore, you should consider taking a loan to buy your new vehicle, as with this you can enjoy car ownership without any restrictions. For more information on your car buying options, talk to a dealership like Blue Ribbon Motors....

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Commercial Haulage: Selecting the Right Ute Truck

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Commercial Haulage: Selecting the Right Ute Truck

The transportation aspects of a business are crucial in the efficient running of any operation. Therefore, it is essential to consider and review your transportation department regularly to ensure that the best results are achieved. There are different types of vehicles in the market to consider acquiring for your company. One of these ideal vehicles that you should evaluate before selection is the ute truck. This type of vehicle is designed and built like a pickup, and it is perfect for hauling significant loads of commercial goods. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a ute truck. Rental vs. Purchase Ute trucks are popular in commercial haulage, so you will find suitable vehicles in both rental and purchase auto stores. It is important to compare the two acquisition options early, depending on the state of your company’s finances. If you’re going to need the vehicle long-term, it is more advantageous to buy the ute for your business. This will eliminate the long-term monthly charges that can take a toll when coupled with fuel and other maintenance costs. If your business can afford the initial purchase price, you can choose between new and used. New trucks will provide long-term and consistent service, but the expense can be overwhelming. You can get equipment financing or lease the truck, but ensure that your monthly profits can cover the payments. Alternatively, consider renting a ute truck, especially if your transportation needs are not consistent. This will reduce unnecessary long-term expenses. For more information on ute rental, look at websites like Load Capacity The load capacity of the Ute truck will determine the practical usability of the vehicle in your operation. You will need to compare the provided capacity ratings with the loads hauled from or to your commercial premises periodically. The weight rating for the cargo will help you calculate the cumulative mass that the vehicle can handle, including the driver and passenger. It is also prudent to check the volume of the rear tray, particularly if you plan to handle lightweight but bulky goods such as foam or fibre. The towing capacity is also a critical aspect because it will affect your ability to increase the usability of the truck by using a trailer. Fuel Efficiency Finally, evaluate the fuel efficiency because it will affect the long-term operational costs. The elements that affect this important aspect are the engine power, chassis and body weight and the tyres. Choose an engine with moderate power output suited for local roads and your loads for better fuel consumption. Reduced vehicle weight and low-resistance tyres will also reduce the Ute truck’s fuelling...

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Why Aluminum Trailer Ramps Are Not All Created Equal

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why Aluminum Trailer Ramps Are Not All Created Equal

When it’s time to buy aluminum ramps for your trailer or back of your pickup truck, you may think that all ramps are somewhat the same. However, there is a great variety of ramps when it comes to size, function, and design. It’s vital that you choose the right one according to what you’ll be loading and how you want the ramp to work for you. If you’re in the market for your first set of aluminum trailer ramps, note a few important factors to consider. 1. Folding and storing size If you need ramps for a very large trailer that fits oversized lawn care equipment, chances are that just about any size ramp will fit in the back. However, if you have a pickup truck, and especially if you have a more compact size of truck, you need to note the folding size of the ramps once they’re not in use. If you cannot find ramps that fold up enough to fit the back of your truck and work around the equipment you’ll be hauling, you may need to consider a gate that attaches permanently to the back of your truck; it unfolds to act as a ramp and then closes up and out of the way like a gate. 2. Arched versus straight An arched ramp is better for very heavy vehicles; the arch will help to support the weight of the vehicle you’re loading so that it doesn’t drag as it reaches the top of the ramp. If you had a straight ramp with a very heavy vehicle, this would increase the risk of having the mower, ATV, or other piece literally sliding back down the ramp as you’re loading. However, for a very low-ridding vehicle, a straight, long ramp can ensure that it’s picked up from the ground slightly so that it doesn’t scrape. 3. Storage Have your ramp do double duty by choosing one that hooks onto the back of a trailer or truck and extends over the back. This can protect equipment that doesn’t exactly fit in your truck or trailer; the ramp can act as a gate or barrier that you may legally need and which protects your equipment from an impact if it juts out from the back of your truck or trailer. This can also be the right choice if you have a small truck or trailer, as mentioned above. The ramp folds around the back of the truck so it’s out of the way and doesn’t need to be stored in the truck bed itself. For more information about your options for aluminium trailer ramps, contact a local retailer...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Seek Second Toyota Parts From a Wrecking Yard

Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Reasons Why You Should Seek Second Toyota Parts From a Wrecking Yard

Are you searching for Toyota parts for your vehicle? If you are, Toyota wreckers are a great source for all the vehicle parts that you may need. You can find parts for sedans, utes, 4WDs, minivans and more. This includes integral parts such as engines and gearboxes, as well as other parts such as tyres, alternators, radiators, starters, ECUs, seats, and much more. So why go to Toyota wreckers for parts? Get Your Parts Cheap Car parts are not always affordable to acquire, even for an Asian brand like Toyota. This is especially so for newer or top-range range vehicles such as 4WDs and executive sedans. If you’re feeling the cash crunch when sourcing new car parts, you can save yourself a lot of money by getting parts from a wrecking yard. Typically, wreckers will sell you parts at a fraction of what you’d pay if buying new. Source Hard-to-Find Parts More Easily Cost aside, sometimes the trouble with finding parts is availability. Cars that are not common locally are highly prone to this. The same applies to older models that are no longer in production. With the latter, the problem is compounded because buying new parts is not an option at all. If your car’s parts are rare, sourcing them from a Toyota wrecker’s facility can help save time. Often, wreckers have stockpiles gathered over many months so it’s easier to find rare parts at their facilities. Get OEM Parts If you are settled on getting second hand parts, sourcing your requirements from a wrecking yard ensures that you get OEM parts. This is because these parts are sourced from Toyota cars and checked before resale. You are therefore guaranteed to get OEM parts there as opposed to what you’d get in randomly selected second hand parts. OEM parts will ensure that your car’s performance remains reliable. They also offer better value for money as they are bound to last longer. Get Parts Quick If your car is grounded due to mechanical failure or accident damage, you want to get it running again as fast as possible. Often, availability of parts can keep your vehicle out of service for extended periods. However, if you source your parts from a Toyota wrecking facility, chances are that you won’t have to wait that long. This is because parts at wrecking yards are usually sorted, tested and ready for fitting. You also don’t have to wait for long shipping periods as is the case with imports. Remember that you can also have your parts shipped to you without having to go to a Toyota wrecker’s yard in...

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Car servicing tips | Boosting your vehicle’s gas mileage

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Car servicing tips | Boosting your vehicle’s gas mileage

With the increasing gas prices, many car owners are looking for sure ways to spend less on gas. Increasing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is the best way to prevent your pockets from burning out at gas stations. All you need to do is make a few adjustments to your vehicle, and you’ll be enjoying every drive you take. Here are some of the best ways you can boost your vehicle’s gas mileage. Using the right motor oil The oil you choose to use has a direct impact on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Oils reduce friction, thereby limiting the wear and tear in your engine. And friction is one of the leading causes of energy loss, so minimizing it boosts fuel efficiency. The viscosity of the oil and presence of friction modifying additives are what you should really consider when picking your oil. Engine oils have grades like 10W-30 or 5W-20. The first figure (10W) dictates the fluidity in the cold. The lower it is, the thinner it is, and the easier your engine will start when cold. The second (30) is a measure of the fluidity when hot. The higher the figure, the higher its viscosity at high temperatures. Using a 10W-30 oil type for a 5W-30 engine, for instance, simply reduces your fuel mileage. Also pick the oils that have an ‘Energy Conserving’ label. They have friction reducing additives that boost the engine performance of your vehicle. Check your filters The air filter also affects your vehicle’s fuel economy. Once it gets dirty, your car engine will keep on stalling when it’s idle. Read your manufacturer’s instructions to know how frequent you need to replace the filter. Additionally, replacing the air filter also boosts the acceleration of the car. Keep your tires in good shape Your tires need to be well pressured if you want to save yourself some fuel. You need to check the tire pressure at least once each month because your tires gradually lose their pressure. Each underinflated tire can reduce your car’s fuel economy by 3.3% when the tire is 10 psi (pounds per square inch) short of pressure. Also, ensure that your tires are properly aligned. Apart from draining your fuel, improperly aligned tires hasten the wear and tear of your vehicle. Have your alignment checked after the first 5000 km or when you purchase a new set of tires. Driving habits Even your driving has a lot to do with how much fuel you use up. Smooth acceleration with moderate throttle is a good way to save your fuel. Additionally, if you’re driving a manual vehicle, practice short shifting. This is simply shifting to higher gears while skipping the intermediate ones. For more information on how to keep your car running at peak efficiency, contact a company like Titan...

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Auto Performance: Understanding Tyre Replacement

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The tyres are important elements in every automotive because they provide support and contact between the vehicle and the road. Generally, these products are constructed for durability, so you will get long-term service after purchase. However, tyres are not infallible, which means that you will need to replace them periodically. This will protect you from hazards and auto accidents related to worn out tyres that lack traction. Moreover, good tyres promote proper performance and fuel efficiency, and this will lower your long-term operational costs. Here is simple information to help you understand proper tyre replacement. When to Replace You should be able to identify the right time to replace your worn out tyres for optimal efficiency. If you replace too early, you might spend significantly more than you should on your vehicle. If you wait too long before replacement, you could endanger your life and that of people around you. Ideally, you should check the tread depth of your tyres periodically. Most modern tyres have tread depth indicators, so you can monitor the wear. The legal minimum depth in most areas is 1.5mm, but you should check the specifics in your region. Therefore, you should start planning to replace your tyre before your tyres are worn to the least acceptable level. In addition, you will need to replace your tyres early if they are irregularly worn. Tyre Sizing In ideal circumstances, you should replace your current tyres with alternatives of the same size. This will help you achieve continuing consistency or the same level of performance intended by the manufacturer. The information on the original tyres will be recorded in the owner’s manual or in the glove compartment and door panels. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the functionality of your vehicle, you can make changes with regard to size to improve the operation. You can improve the handling of the automotive by choosing tyres with the next lowest profile, compared to the original items in your vehicle. Alternatively, you can install larger tyres to improve the quality of the ride and vehicle height. This will also enhance load carrying capacity, traction and general appearance. Specialty Tyres You should explore the market for specialty tyres to match your unique circumstances. There are assorted types of tyres in the market, so the perfect choice will depend on local climate, regional roads and driving habits. For example, all-season and all-terrain roads are designed for general driving conditions. Rough terrain and snow tyres offer more traction on rural roads and winter weather respectively. For more info on caring for your vehicle’s tyres, contact a local auto...

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Advice on how to minimise your freighting costs

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If your business needs to use the services of a freight transport professional on a regular basis, it can result in substantial costs. While this method of transport is necessary for your business, there are some ways that you can keep these costs as low as possible without changing freighting transport companies. These tips are relatively straightforward and do not take a lot of work to implement as you will have most of the information available to you. These tips apply to most industries and can help you to get more bang for your buck when transporting goods over long distances. Here are some of those tips. Shipping bulky items Depending on what type of bulky items you are transporting, the products can possibly be disassembled and broken down into their basic form so that they can be packed more compactly. This will mean that each product will take up less space, and therefore, there will be a lot of extra storage space for more products. If you are regularly transporting the same types of product, it is worthwhile developing a concrete packing plan rather than simply putting everything into the freight in any old way. This will save you money as you will not need to use as many freights over the long term to ship products. Match the container to your cargo When it comes to freights, one size does not fit all. Most companies will provide you with a good selection of sizes to choose from. There is no point in transporting your goods in a freight that is too big. This does not necessarily mean that there is a waste of floor space; rather, there could be no available floor space but there is a lot of height space that is not being filled. By discussing this with the freighting company, you will be able to choose a container that suits your specific needs; you will not be wasting space and will save costs by using a smaller container. Identify your transport patterns In your databases, you should have information about how much you ship in periodic intervals, from weekly and monthly to yearly. This will enable you to identify the common patterns and show these to the transporting company. When you know exactly how many regular transporting containers you need, they will be able to plan in advance of your shipments. This means that you can ask for discounts, as it takes a lot of the guessing out of the equation for the transport...

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Interesting Facts for the owner of a 4WD Vehicle Looking for Suspensions that can take anything

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When looking for suspensions that can withhold a tremendous amount of pressure and still make driving a pleasant experience, you should never go for the cheaper option just to save money initially. It may seem that you’re saving a few bucks, but you may end up paying more on repairs in the long run. Always make sure to go for a brand that offers a good compromise between quality and price. Why customization is such a big deal The vital importance of a suitable suspension is close to common knowledge. Under circumstances demanding flawless road holding without making the ride excruciating for the passengers it’s no good to work with a suspension system not suitable for your type of vehicle. Because suspension systems differ from car to car, it’s almost impossible to find ready-made suspensions in the store. As a result, it’s important that the company you’re buying from offers custom-made solutions for your vehicle. With custom kit builders, it’s easy to get an idea about the gear you need for your car as well as the circumstances you are planning to put it in. With an idea in mind, you can then proceed to talk to their dealers to further pin point exactly which solution that is best for you. By personalising your suspension system, you can help your vehicle reach its full potential. It’s also a great deal safer, since the suspension system controls a great deal of the car and makes driving a smoother experience overall. Off or on the road, it doesn’t matter Getting high quality suspensions for your vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to drive off-road in the most dangerous environments in the world. Getting a solution specifically fit for your 4WD vehicle to make the most out of your driving experience is reason enough. They have kits suitable for a range of models, with customized options depending on the weight of the vehicle. Getting new suspensions for your 4WD vehicle is a matter of usage, need, model, budget, load-bearing and expectation. That is a range of factors you need to consider and figure out. With that many factors to keep in mind, it’s unacceptable to not get exactly what you ask for. Getting the cheapest solution not bearing your intended use in mind can be both disappointing and dangerous. Make sure you get exactly what you need. For more information, contact a business such as Wilkinson Suspension...

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